Valentine’s Day gifts for the drivers in your life

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are many car enthusiasts out there who would like something to enhance their road trip or simply reinvigorate their love of the open road. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or Valentine’s Day gifts for her, this list is a great place to start your search for that special gear in your life.

One of the best ways to get your car in order this Valentine’s Day is to give it a good clean. If your partner’s car cleaning habits have been sidelined recently, now is the right time to help them get back on track. This handheld vacuum features three multi-purpose nozzles, plugs directly into the 12V cigarette lighter port and features a 16-foot cord, which should give you plenty of room to take the vacuum wherever you need it within your home. car. This vacuum cleaner is consistently one of the best-selling automotive products on Amazon and currently has over 248,000 ratings with a total rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

If your car is already clean, why not give it some mood lighting? LED lighting is everywhere these days, and if you’re into that sort of thing, your car should be no exception. These LED light strips can offer over 16 million different colors and come with a wireless remote that features eight static modes, four dynamic modes, and four music modes. Music modes can sync with your tunes thanks to a built-in microphone, allowing the lights to move with the beat of whatever you’re listening to! These particular lights have over 5,000 ratings on Amazon with a cumulative rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Surprise your Valentine with a flower in his vehicle that is sure to brighten up any commute. Volkswagen fans will remember when the Beetle came with a built-in vase of gems. With this nice accessory, every car can have a touch of color and joy like the iconic car of the flower power generation.

There are two types of mounts to choose from, a suction cup mounted model that can be attached to the dashboard or windshield, or the vent clip model. The only downside is that this high-quality unit is only for MagSafe-compatible phone cases and MagSafe-enabled iPhones. If you want a more affordable option, consider this $10.99 MagSafe Phone Mount that will keep your iPhone MagSafe charger in place (it doesn’t come with the mount) in your car, on your desk, or anywhere else. For Android users, consider this Qi-certified wireless charger from Anker for $15.99.

This is a great starter kit if you’re just looking for the basics. It’s a seven-piece set that will not only help you make your car’s body shine with Citrus Wash & Gloss, but also includes separate formulas for your tires (Diablo Wheel Cleaner) and even your interior (Total Interior Cleaner & protector). The Wash & Gloss comes in a 16 oz. bottle that should give most people 8-16 washes. In addition to the cleaners, this kit also includes a wash mitt and three microfiber towels.

If you can’t get behind the wheel of your favorite car, your best bet might be to build a LEGO version of it. This awesome LEGO Ford Mustang kit has 1,471 pieces, and the car, when built, measures over 3 inches high, 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. The kit has over 5,100 Amazon ratings and stands at an astounding total score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Amazon reviewer Zarhoff had this to say after purchasing the kit:

I realize the size is on the description but I didn’t pay much attention meaning it was a gift but this thing is huge! … Very impressive set. Not cheap but considering the price of legos these days as well as the amazing quality and the obvious attention to quality control this is a great product.

It seems Zarhoff has good taste. Sound like something your s/o car lover might like too? If so, you can learn more about the kit and pick it up right here.

This 1:43 scale toy car set from Carrera is a great kit to get anyone started on their toy car journey. It’s a great set in its own right, but it’s also expandable if you really want to go crazy. This isn’t the most “realistic” set of slot machines you could buy, but with gimmicks like turbo boosts and loop-de-loops, it could be one of the most fun. With over 2,500 ratings in the Amazon store, this set currently sits at a cumulative rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewer Sabastoni7 had this to say about the set in their five-star review:

The track is great! It’s easy enough to assemble if you’re careful enough. We took the loops out to avoid damaging the cars and because we plan to order more rails. [In response to] the other reviews have 3 or 2 stars [that talk] about cars flying off you need to learn how to use controllers for car speed. If you are inexperienced [than] of course the cars will fly off, but once you take him down you’ll race like the Ken Miles of toy cars!

Would you like to know more? Check out the set right here.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with comfort, fun and love. Your partner will definitely fall in love with this pillow. The memory foam gel pillow is the No. 1 bestseller. Amazon’s No. 1 in the Automotive Seat Cushions category, but you can use it just about anywhere, inside or outside the car. If you or your partner dreads your commute, well, maybe that won’t make you stop dreading it, but it could at least help you dread it comfortably. You can pick up the gel cushion right here for $51.95.

One of the best substitutes for real-life driving is driving in a video game. If you want to get Truly serious about digital guidance, we’ve got something for that below, but if you’re just looking for something easy and (somehow) affordable to gift the lead-footed love of your life, you’ll want to check out Nintendo Switches.

The Switch has all kinds of excellent racing games like the modern classic Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remaster, Gear.Club Unlimited 2, V-Rally 4, WRC 8, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled and many , many more.

If you are on the fence, a group of us here at Automatic blogging own them and love them. The console also has nearly 77,000 ratings on Amazon and still sits at an astonishing 4.8 out of 5 stars. Amazon reviewer Melissa had this to say in her five-star review:

I LOVE THE SWITCH! This Switch is so cute and I honestly can’t wait to play Animal Crossing! The design of this Switch is so cool…Nintendo did a good job with the color scheme and all! Hopefully, this Switch will keep stocking up so that everyone can have a chance to get their hands on this beauty at the original price.

Want to get one? You can check out the list right here.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel – buy here for $199.99

This Thrustmaster racing wheel is for you Truly they want a substitute for the real thing. A good racing wheel can spin a video game’s realism dial up to 11. This particular wheel is for use with an Xbox or Windows PC, but you can get similar products that work with a Playstation as well. It also has over 2,000 ratings and a cumulative rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A reviewer named Amazon Customer had this to say in his five-star review of the wheel:

[I’m a] longtime fan of Forza and someone who really likes racing games. After years of hearing the banter between Logitech and Thrustmaster, I went with the TMX for a few reasons. I can get pro pedals when I want to learn how to engage, and I can add shifting later when I can bear to take my hands off to shift. … The quality of the wheel is excellent and although it looks like cheap plastic it does not bend or flex under the duress of intense action on [the] follow along as you “squat the flies”. Understanding what feels good to you is key to learning to ride a wheel. If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way to sim racing, or just immersion, this is the wheel to get… I’ve easily clocked 100 hours before this review, and have played many games on PC: iRacing, PCARS2, Wreckfest (before and after the major PC update), Dirt Rally, NASCAR Heat 4, and [I] even brought it to [my] Xbox One to go around Forza Horizon 4. [It’s] plug and play. You won’t buy a better wheel for under $250… I hope you find as much pleasure in this experience as I do because it was a game changer for me. I like to change like this!

If you’re looking for a gift that will enhance your racing game experience in a big way, you can check out this wheel right here.

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