Trendoux winter gloves are on sale on Amazon

Just over a week until winter begins and a monstrous season is already shaping up. Snow and ice are sweeping across the entire country right now – hopefully this is the worst part, but that’s still three months away. You are ready? If not, we’ve got something you (and your fingers) will love: Amazon’s #1 best-selling gloves. 1 are on sale for just $9, down from $14.


Trendux winter gloves

$9$14Save $5

Made with conductive yarn made from spandex and polyester, these screen protective gloves are available in nine different colors and range in sizes from medium to extra large.

$9 on Amazon

Screen compatible

Trendoux winter gloves are no ordinary gloves – they are built for extraordinary times and go beyond just keeping your fingers warm and dry. They are made with a special conductive yarn that appears to be screen friendly. This means you can tap and swipe on your phone without having to take off your gloves. This is an invaluable feature when temperatures dip below freezing, a feature buyers love.

“The phone screen hints are incredibly good,” shared one of nearly 33,000 five-star fans. “I’ve had gloves that worked in the past, but nothing like using a finger on a capacitive touch screen. These actually activate my fingerprint reader/home button and it feels like I’m not wearing gloves at all. I’m more shocked and impressed by this than anything.”

person using a tablet with gloves.

These screen-friendly gloves take the chill out of texting. (Photo: Amazon)

Non-slip handle

Stretchy and snug, these gloves also have a silicone grip on the palm to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands and falling into a snowdrift. The handle also ensures that your hands do not slip on railings and steering wheels.

“These gloves exceeded my expectations,” another enthusiastic reviewer shared. “I like them best when I’m driving. They take the chill off the wheel until the heat kicks in and they grip the wheel as well as all the dedicated driving gloves I’ve owned. I never thought I’d be able to text with gloves!!”


What would gloves be for if they weren’t warm? You can rest assured that these babies will keep all your fingers toasty as they exit the dog park, drive to work or hike.

“I love them so much I had to buy a second pair,” reported one happy buyer. “They feel similar to the cheap pairs you buy at chain stores, but keep your hands five times as warm. They’re easy to store in your coat pocket between uses without feeling bulky, unlike other gloves… “

Ready to do your hands a favor this winter? Just click “add to cart”.


Trendux winter gloves

$9$14Save $5

These screen-friendly gloves are made with conductive yarn made from spandex and polyester and come in nine different colors and range in sizes from medium to extra large.

$9 on Amazon

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