the reaction of various diputados to the campaign of the impresario who les pidió ponerse a “laburar”

Un empresario puso 256 palas frente al Congreso

Un empresario puso 256 palas frente al Congreso – Credits: @Twitter

The initiative of an entrepreneur e influencer Argentinian, rooted in Miami, to envy 256 palas to the Congreso Nacional as a symbolic gesture to criticize the work of Argentine lawmakers begat a sinfin de reacciones en las redes socialis. In particular, various de los mismos deputados decidieron salir a responder el complaint y defender sus tareas en la Cámara baja.

Some have used them redes sociales to direct to Mauro Stedelwho accused the mayoría de los deputados, with the exception of Javier Milei, of not working. In this way, various legislators shared photos of buildings or showed images in which they could see how they work.

One of the first was Martín Tetaz, who communicated the viernes che ya había recibido su pala. “The use par join all the projects che presented y en los que estoy trabajando. Los imprints para give them a gift when they fly to Buenos Aires”, chicaneó. He showed a stack of documents that will be downloaded on signature. “Me gusta su iniciativa critítica y novedosa”, added the radical manager, dressed in a blue dress for the photo.

Martín Tetaz challenged the influencer Stendel.

Martín Tetaz challenged the influencer Stendel. – Credits: @Captura

The legislator, without embargo, received various criticisms due to the shape in which he grabbed the mango. Various users marked it empunadura era uncorrect. Tetaz ironed the metal shaft with the right hand and with the izquierda sujetó the portion of madeira with the palm cerrada hacia abajo. The internauts marked them that could possibly be riesgosa. “The level of paper”, llegó to write one to her. Others, in tandem, advirtieron that when dealing with a shovel too, this empuñadura could accept.

Stendel, the Argentine businessman who launched the initiative, approved the opportunity and replied to the Unión Cívica Radical representative. “¡Acá uno me aceptó la shovel, muchachos! Se festeja”, he wrote. Y lui desafió al resto: “Espero a los otros 255. Vamos que agarran todos la shovel y in one of those who pierce the phobia to work!”.

Stendel's response to Tetaz.

Stendel’s response to Tetaz. – Credits: @Captura

The cordobesa Soher El Sukariaintegrated de Juntos por el Cambio, “agradeció” el gesture y decidió Answers with signature in Stendel. “Yo ya tengo mi shovel. With her he will log the perfect assistance en el 2022 en el Congress de la Nación”, expresó, junto a una imagen de la herramienta. “A mi trabajo lo hago todos los días en plena conciencia de las necesidades reales de la sociedad. Yes, I would like to invite him to meet ”, she added.

In a second message, he added: “Así mismo, le comento que la productividad de nuestra responsabilidad no se mide por sesiones. Our mission is the defender of the Argentines, to individual libertades, institutions, the division of farms, against impunity and populism”. By chance, he cited that, from his space, the party Pro, and JxC, worked for the “reform of the Court [Suprema] por capricho, judicial reform”, and “para que no existan nuevos impuestos.

However, the opposite statement threw her a girl in the third message to the Argentine impresario. “No es justo jugar a las finances desde afuera del país y easily criticize those who work against populism,” she delivered.

The answer to the dispute Soher El Sukaria.

The answer to the dispute Soher El Sukaria. – Credits: @Captura

Stendel, who had been mentioned in the commentary, noticed a detail and didn’t let it pass. “¿ Esa pala con marca de agua es tuya?” he asked. Y lui añadió: “Es impresionante, no sirven ni para mentir hermano”. Indeed, the image that the lawmaker sent to Twitter has watermarks denoting what was downloaded from a platform by public access or through a pay system. It’s not about the misma shovel sent by the impresario.

Meanwhile, another legislator of the Pro party also added up to the controversy. Dina Rezinovsky, representative of the Ciudad de Buenos Aires and integrated de Juntos por el Cambio, also replied. In his case he hizo without adding any image of the herramienta and without mentioning Stendel. “Son las 9.21 y acá se trabaja en el despacho con el equipo como todos los días,” he signaled. And añadio: “Para los que mandan palas sin saber que no somos todos iguales ni da todo lo mismo”.

Dina Rezinovsky's answer.

Dina Rezinovsky’s answer. – Credits: @Captura

A su vez, Fernando Iglesias if hizo echoes the controversy in a particular way. The Peronist executive Alberto Samid he shared the image of the 256 palas that Stendel had sent to the door of the Congress on Entre Ríos Avenue and launched a picante commentary. “Dejaron a gift. The label says Fernando Iglesias”escribó.

The diputado, active in the social spheres, reacted harshly and fustigated the official bank. “If you know where to find me . To the deputies of ustedes, in exchange, they keep them from being sent to the house or to the basic unit, because by now they never see them. Saludos,” she objected.

Why 256 palas?

Through two short video films, Stendel dio cuenta de las razones que lo llevaron a enviar las herramientas al Congreso. Si bien la Cámara de Diputados holds 257 legislatorsthe entrepreneur based in Estados Unidos excluded to one. ” a [Javier] Milei no le mandé un pala porque combatir zurdos is a complete trabajo de tiempo,” he explained.

The initiative, which circulated in social networks, was presented in this way: : “15 sessions in 2022. 36 leyes aprobadas. 256 money of more than one million average pesos. Congress lleno de vagos y un país lleno de hambre . I give you a shovel to put to work”.

In one of the videos, Stendel says he is “harto” of what in Argentina “se labure para maintain vagos”. It is as a result of your dissatisfaction that you decide send them “a surprise to those who work less”. “¿Didn’t you go back to working 12 hours a day to support someone who doesn’t work? A mí sí ”, she asked los internautas.

Y acota: “This is why we download 256 palas to the Congreso de la Nación, with the purpose of incentivizing the people who work less and more cobran in our country they work. Yo se que son 257. Pero a Javier Milei no le mandé una pala porque combatir zurdos es un trabajo de tiempo completo”.

In a second audiovisual intervention, the also former soldier of the Israeli army observes: “¿Sabés lo que hace una rata? Come and grasp what can be done without harm. If my company is negative, I assure you that I don’t feel like spying all night until I sack it in bulk. ¡A ver si marcan la diferencia entre ir al trabajo e ir a trabajar!”

Quién es Stendel

Mauro Stendel is 26 years old, was born in Buenos Aires, in the Porteño barrio de Caballito, and is currently an empresario rooted in the United States. Realize inversions in real estate, cryptomonedas, y otros negocios digitales, and shares all its recommendations in social networks. Además, he lays a toxicology laboratory in Oklahoma lamado Upper Echelon solutions and more pharmacogenetics in Dallas, Axiom biogenomics.

Según Forbes Argentina, dejó la Argentina con 17 años, enrolled in the Israeli exercise where she was selected to be part of the “Unidad Secreta de Elite” fulfilling special missions. Luego, he traveled with 500 dollars to New York, stayed in a loaned car and today he triumphs inspiring other young men and entrepreneurs.

Stendel commented a renovating homes and studying the real estate market, reversals in multi-family buildings you will follow Grant Cardone, one of the great entrepreneurs and coach de negocios. Meanwhile, he was summoned to hold conferences on his story and his experience in the service of the army of Israel.

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