Stats that stood out against the state of Mississippi

Missouri’s shooting divisions have fluctuated between hot and cold in recent games. The team had a rough night Saturday as they lost 63-52 to Mississippi State, shooting 32.0% from the field and 26.1% with 3-pointers.

The difference for the Tigers is often decided by whether the team plays at home or on the road. When playing inside Mizzou Arena this season, according to CBB Analytics, MU is shooting 73.8% on the rim, 44.9% in the paint, 33.7% on middle-range jumpers, 36. 8% on the 3 over range and 33.3% on the corner 3 pointers. When playing on the road (excluding the team’s neutral-field games against UCF and Illinois), Missouri’s percentages drop to 63.7% on board, 29.5% in paint, 31.0% on ATB triples, and 22, 5% on the corner threes. The middleweight is the only improving shot for the team, at a 37.1% clip.

Another dividing line for Mizzou was how early or late in the shot clock he is able to botch a field goal attempt. With 15 seconds or more left in possession, the Tigers are shooting 71.6% field goals, 42.9% paint, 38.6% mid-range jumpers, 36.2% ATB 3-pointers and 30.1% on corner full-backs. When there are at most 15 seconds left on the clock, the percentages drop to 65.0% on hoop, 41.9% in paint, 31.7% on middleweight, and 35.4% on ATB triples. Corner 3s are the only shots that improve, falling 33.8% of the time.

The Bulldogs took advantage of their home field, but also did a good job of slowing the Tigers down and preventing them from shooting in a rush. Missouri was 10-29 from the field with 15 seconds or more on the shot clock against MSU and 6-22 with 15 seconds or less.

Mizzou coach Dennis Gates played 22 different lineup combinations on Saturday: Only five had an effective field goal percentage (representing the added value of 3-pointers) that was over 50%. For the Tigers to finish the year with more road wins, they’ll need to find ways to put the ball in the basket more often.

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