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F1 2023 is fast approaching as teams take off the covers and reveal their colors ahead of a new season of action.

There is every reason to be excited about the 2023 F1 season, the teams having been given the chance to put their knowledge base on the new technical regulations to use with their second attempt, the 2023 Challengers.

And the crucial first step before seeing these new creations on the track is launch season, as the teams, while often hiding many of their clever innovations, are at least more than happy to show us what their cars will look like.

Our luck is really on the line because with 10 teams making up the grid, you guessed it, that means we have 10 different liveries to discover.

So, let’s take a look at the designs we’ll be batting eyes at in F1 2023…


Haas VF-23 Moneygram livery

Haas did the honors to kick off the launch season for 2023 when they revealed the livery for their 2023 challenger, the VF-23, on Jan. 31.

The American company struck a new title sponsorship deal with MoneyGram ahead of the campaign, so the company’s branding was understandably very prominent on the VF-23.

With the experienced Nico Hulkenberg signed to replace Mick Schumacher, Haas hope the know-how of their Hulkenberg-Kevin Magnussen duo can inspire better than their P8 finish in the 2022 Constructors’ standings.

Red Bull

Launch of the Red Bull RB19 livery.  February 2023.

Red Bull made us play a game of spotting the difference when they revealed their livery for the RB19, which bears many similarities to the RB18 when it comes to looks.

And Red Bull will be happy if the same proves true in the performance department, Max Verstappen and Red Bull were the unstoppable force in 2022.


Williams launches the FW45.  February 2023.

The reveal of the Williams FW45 livery was a little disappointing to some, as as it coincided with the confirmation of a partnership with sponsor Gulf Oil, it created excitement that a Gulf-inspired design, such as the incredibly popular livery Gulf-McLaren Monaco 2021, could be worn the way, especially considering some of the conceptual liveries floating around.

However, the FW45 still looks stunning and they and Gulf are teasing a special one-of-a-kind design coming soon, so this is one car to watch in 2023.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo C43

F1 2023 is the last season of the Alfa Romeo-Sauber partnership, as Sauber turns their attentions to their imminent transformation into the Audi works team from 2026.

This current partnership will therefore look to go out in style, which it will do in a C43 that looks very different from its predecessor, as the long-standing white gives way to black.

If the team can find the shape they started 2022 in, and maintain it this time around, then a very happy final chapter could be written.


Studio image AlphaTauri AT04.

AlphaTauri unveiled the AT04 livery on February 11 in New York City, following in the footsteps of sister team Red Bull with that venue.

While the trademark dark blue and white remains, the AT04 sports a generous dose of red, thanks to AlphaTauri’s new multi-year partnership with Orlen.

Their former driver Pierre Gasly said AlphaTauri had told him the AT04 will be the best car they have ever produced, so time will tell.

Aston Martin: to be confirmed

Aston Martin will reveal the AMR23 on February 13, much to the intrigue surrounding this challenger.

With Aston Martin poised to top up the grid after massive investment in staff and infrastructure, the team are under pressure to make this AMR23 their biggest challenger to date, particularly with the addition of Fernando Alonso to their driver line-up. . recommends

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McLaren: to be confirmed

Aston Martin won’t be the only one to launch on February 13, as McLaren has chosen the same date to show off the colors of its MCL60, the team breaking away from the usual naming scheme for this year as it celebrates its 60th anniversary .

McLaren are another sky-high looking team with aspirations beyond midfield, 2024 has been described as the year they will have no more excuses for not winning races. A repeat of their fifth-place finish in 2022 and a single podium finish will simply not be enough in F1 2023.

Ferrari: to be confirmed

Those old romantics at Ferrari chose Valentine’s Day, February 14th, to unveil their latest creation, the SF-23.

And after their 2022 title challenge crumbled despite the F1-75 starting to set the pace, the Scuderia has put all that frustration into building what they hope will be an even faster SF-23.

Mercedes: to be confirmed

As with Ferrari, it was a very frustrating 2022 campaign for Mercedes as their W13 fell short of the standard of a title bid. The W14 should therefore bring the once dominant silver arrows into question again.

Alpine: to be confirmed

And it’s Alpine who will wrap up the launch season when it unveils its A523 on February 16.

After a season of progress in 2022, when they took fourth place in the Constructors’ standings, the next step is to start picking the leaders, armed with an all-French driver line-up of Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

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