Rihanna shines in one-of-a-kind Super Bowl show



Rihanna has attended every convention of a typical Super Bowl midterm show and contributed to the show’s biggest stage in her own right.

And the hizo at the time he enjoys that he is embarrassed by his second hijo.

The presentation was more of an avant-garde piece than a concert. The superstar from Barbados, clad in a bright red ensemble, repasó 12 de sus éxitos en 13 minuti rodeada de decenas de ballarines andróginos vestidos de blanco que egualaban cada movimiento que ella hacía sobre y por encima del grande scenario en el State Farm Stadium en Glendale , Arizona.

For if someone doesn’t see it, everything is about Rihanna. No special invited hubos. Ni hubo breaks. You change your pace. From her inception on a platform suspended over the scenery, to her powerful rendition of her inspirational song “Diamonds”, Rihanna kept everyone’s attention as she entonated a hit among others, from “Work” to “Umbrella”.

It was totally his vision, clean and playful and completely safe. No baladas are included to show the power of your voz because you don’t need to demonstrate it to nadie. It’s also necessary to say more than “thank you, Arizona” to express yourself.

It was all an unconventional extension of what was an unconventional decision to show up at this special time.

While most artists used her Super Bowl midterm stake to launch new albums, Rihanna insisted that production following her 2016 album “Anti” isn’t done yet.

Nisiquiera performed “Lift Me Up”, his contribution to the soundtrack of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” (“Black Panther: Wakanda por siempre”), which is currently nominated for an Oscar.

Prior to the reveal that Rihanna is embarrassed, there were rumors of a possible turnaround, but that seems unlikely now, with a new arrival on the way and her firstborn having hit the new moon months.

Fashion brand Savage X Fenty has released a shirt that says “RIHANNA CONCERT INTERRUPTED BY A FOOTBALL GAME, WEIRD BUT WATEVER” (Concierto de Rihanna fue interrumpido por un partido de fútbol, ​​rare but never mind). The blouse was needled before the game started.

Presenting itself in the largest entertainment arena with a hoped-for audience of over 100 million viewers, in the United States alone is no small feat for negotiations. Also that the multimillionaire, the most young in making his fortune according to lists, knows.

But in reality Rihanna is not selling nada.

The 34-year-old star clearly accepted the gig online and why she decided to do it.

Previously rechazó show up in the mid-2019 period in solidarity with the protest of field mariscal Colin Kaepernick for racial desire. But a lot has changed since then, including the buzz that his friend and mentor Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, has been partnered with the NFL for the midterm.

And his presentation planted a big point on igualdad, because his huge cuerpo de bailarines was completely cubierto, including his rostros, so as to hide the differences of race and sex. They will only be judged by their bail and ability to entertain.

This message shows a lot that Rihanna has changed since her last solo presentation, when she received the Video Vanguard award at the Premios MTV at the 2016 Videos Musicales. On this occasion she was also presented without special invitations, just bailarines, but then she had other occasions aristas de su personalidad musicale with four different implementations. Whether it was hip hop, dance pop, reggae or ballads, Rihanna showed how she could tap into the generos to her taste.

Domingo with her midtime show, Rihanna has simply created her own genre and raised the expectations for upcoming shows.

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