Pro y el socialismo se aliaron en Santa Fe en un “Frente de frentes” to get them to the PJ and govern jointly

The opposition launched the Frente de Frentes in Santa Fe

The opposition launched the Frente de Frentes in Santa Fe

ROSARIO.- The name of the new political project of the Santafesina opposition describes the breadth of the strategy: “Front of fronts”. It is the apex of more than a dozen opposing parties of Santa Feencabezados por Come for the Change yes Progressive frontque reúnen a la UCR extension, Prosthere Civic Coalition yes Socialist Party, among others, who sold a deal this week to “unite forces” against Peronism, which currently governs this province. The work of the operators of each space lasted more than a year to find the points of contact that separated the extremes of this new Alliance: Pro and socialism.

The defeat of this flaming espacio opositor –según señalan- transcends the simple exercise of electoral reorganization and defines a platform of basic coincidences to eventually govern, which is the main aspiration. In the national plan the point of coincidence, for now, according to the explanation of the leaders of the Joints of Exchange and of socialism, is the opponent of Kirchnerism.

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In the midst of the opposition movements, which aimed dearly at this electoral year, the incógnitas siguen in Santa Fe’s Peronism. The governor Omar Perottithat he cannot stand for re-election, even if he does not have his own candidate and is now no longer a member of his cabinet holding his anxieties nor the advance of the jefe político to win an electoral career.

Perotti maintained conversations with the national senator of the PJ Marcello Lewandowski, who was elected in 2021, but for now there are no definitions. The only candidate for governor you are in career is Leandro Busattiof the space de Agustin Rossi, who maintains a long-distance relationship with the governor. Perotti, in his vez, he shows each more alejado of the Casa Rosada. One of Perotti’s planes, following a signal in the PJ, would have been able to make the appointment of provincial deputies to comply with the Legislature’s hand. But nada aún está cerrado. Before this context, the opposition decided to accelerate the construction of its Front de Frentes, and to weigh internal differences.

Very little the differences were profound between the two mayoral spaces of this flamboyant coalition: Juntos por el Cambio y el Frente Progresista Santa Fe, dominated by socialism during the 12 years that governed Santa Fe. Included, socialists swear the limit for an alliance was Pro.

Unlike the internal conflicts that permanently flourish in opposition at the national level, in Santa Fe the distinct sectors that are on the other side of the border of Peronism lograron esta semana accord the conformity of your front to the provincial level of cara a las elections this year. “No ocultamos nuestras diferencias, ma l’idea è priorizar los ejes en común para poder governar la provincia”, he signaled to THE NATION Julián Galdeano, representative of Juntos per il Cambio and one of the architects of this new electoral project. “Why are our divided members similar to our electorate,” he added.

Omar Perotti

Omar Perotti – Credits: @Twitter

The consumption of this project takes place through a meeting that takes place with the protagonists of the various sectors in the headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party (PDP). The meeting that made me immortal with a photo in the patio of the party headquarters founded by Lysander de la Torre. What has the most ruin is how the relationship and coexistence will be in the same boat between the leaders of the Juntos for the Exchange and socialism, the first many critics of the 12-year management of the Progressive Front in Santa Fe, and the segundos, con fuertes cuestionamientos a la administración de Maurizio Macri.

In socialism from now on they consider that Elisa Carrio fue una de las responsables de socavar la figura del exgobernador Antonio Bonfatti, who lost in front of Perotti in the last few comics, to report his possible connections with drug trafficking. In the moments in which the past year advanced in the creation of this “Frente de frentes”, Carrió turned to agitate the socialist ex-gobernador for organized crime. “Si sos gobernador, sos responsable de todas estas matanzas. O sos blind o sos accomplice, y yo elijo que sean accomplices. Possibly [Hermes] Binner, que era una buena persona fue ciego, ma Bonfatti no”, aseguró la exdiputada nacional.

However, for now and until the internas do not promise to open the differences, it will be complicated for these sectors to compose a discussion that resets the most concrete differences, as in the safety plan. From the Juntos by the Exchange they advised that two leaders were designated for each party to begin to work on concrete proposals in which there are coincidences in points, such as safety and justice, education, product development, health, sustainable development, transparency and modernization of the state, infrastructure and social policies.

Starting from the week that comes if they begin to discuss more defined proposals in each one of the articles, with the aim of advancing on a platform that shows solidity, it reports.

Today it is neither clear nor defined within the Frente de Frentes what decision will take place in the election of the governor in Santa Fe; you have a single candidate or a competitor in the PASO several postulants. “Eso will depend a lot on what Peronism is doing. If the PJ has more than one candidate and goes internally it is possible that we also have,” considered a provincial legislator who integrates the mesa chica de this space. In the career of government you have been noted as a radical Massimiliano Pullaròexministro de Seguridad de Santa Fe, they’re looking for the senator Martin Lousteauwho accompanied him two weeks ago on a ride to Pinamar. Caroline Losadade Juntos por el Cambo, aún no definió qué hará.

At the national level so far what has been agreed is that the additions of the Frente de Frentes coincide with the fact that they will be opposed to Peronism and Kirchnerism. The question of whether everyone will respect a presidential formula of Juntos per il Cambio you will not answer. “Eso se irá viendo porque falta mucho y se analizár a su due momento”, advirtieron. The búsqueda does not generate heated debates for now. And the gaze points to socialism, which now does not have a national reference and did not want to keep it from which Binner was candidate for president in 2011. “Nadie se imagina al socialismo haciendo campaña by Patricia Bullrich”, chicanearon desde el Peronismo.

“The electoral calendar is different between Santa Fe and the nation, with which we hold the responsibility and the need for this to be a Santa Fe front,” socialist deputy Joaquín Blanco signaled in Letra P. “Nosotros siempre hemos bregado por negotiation construir un tercer espacio a nivel nacional que superior a la grieta”, he added.

“La semana próxima we were going to meet with Carolina Losada, Dionisio Scarpín and Mario Barletta with leaders of socialism to analyze social projects that were successful in the management of Miguel Lifschitzcomo el plan Abre y Nueva Oportunidad”, wrote Galdeano, to enhance the strengths with socialism, which was blank of fuertes críticas del Pro.

In Santafesino Peronism they demanded this alliance as purely electoral.

Ricardo Olivera, president of the Partido Justicialista de Santa Fe and provincial deputy, said that the only wish that holds the Frente de Frentes “is to gang them up on Peronism” and affirmed: “There are candidates who are running for the territory. Los votos no se suman, me cuesta entender que un militant de socialismo pueda Voter a un candidate de Cambiemos”.

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