Pamela Anderson thought her legacy ‘would be a red bathing suit and a pink fuzzy hat’

Pamela Anderson talks about what she's learned from her time in Hollywood.  (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Pamela Anderson talks about what she’s learned from her time in Hollywood. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Pamela Anderson is reflecting on her legacy.

THE Baywatch alum, who just released his memoir With love, Pamela as well as his Netflix documentary Pamela: a love storyspoke to wwd this week to tell his story for the first time.

“I thought my legacy would be a red bathing suit and a pink fuzzy hat, and no one would ever know how much I’ve been through, what I’ve overcome, and how I put it all together as a creative art project,” she explained.

Despite her iconic look, she said she’s never felt comfortable with fashion, explaining that she’s always felt like she “rejected clothes” and that “everything was always a little out of place.”

“Believe me, I’d love Anna Wintour to love me, but I know she never will because I’m simply clothes repellant,” Anderson said. “I want to dress up in these nice clothes, but they just don’t fit me; some things are too weird, my body just doesn’t fit me. But especially when I was younger, I would err on the side of just having fun. I mean, I was into it. five minutes to put those looks together with these shiny pants, big hat and blue eyeliner.And walking the red carpets with Tommy [Lee] it was just, we just thought ‘we’re going to be fun’. We didn’t think we could have a stylist or anything like that.”

Though the actress has been married five times, most famously to Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and most recently to Dan Hayhurst, Anderson is now single and says she wakes up “a little happier” every day.

“I feel it’s such a sense of relief, and I’m so thankful for the outpouring of support and love,” she said. “I’m a girl for girls, but I got a little lost in the action. Whenever I’m in a relationship, I usually put all my attention on that and my kids, so it’s so cool — I feel like I’m just a free spirit, roaming the planet, bumping into people, I have these amazing conversations and it’s great.

Being single paved the way for her to speak her truth, she added.

“That shows you what kind of relationships I’ve had in the past,” the former playmate noted. “I would have been too afraid to upset anyone, or make anyone jealous, or anything.”

Anderson’s new projects are an intimate account of her life and include revelations of past abuse. He also detailed how he felt Pam & Tommythe Hulu series, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, about the sex tape made by her and her ex-husband Lee, which was stolen from their home and distributed against their will.

“I locked up that stolen tape from my life to survive,” Anderson shared. “Now that it’s all coming back, I feel bad. I want to take control of the narrative for the first time.”

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