Murió one of the four people who had been interned for the “complaint of their”

Their psitacosis is specific to the animal, but any type of animal can transmit it

Psitacosis de los loros is specific to the animal, but any type of bird can transmit it – Credits: @AB Photographie

SANTA FE.— The psitacosis or “gripe of their”, which at the end of the year was last detected in the vicinity of Rafaela, 100 kilometers from the east of this capital, was shot by its first victim. If it concerns Fernando Defagot, aged 40, who integrated the group of four people who were interned as a result of a brote de la enfermedad.

Defagot had been interned at the energy finals with their integral parts of his family, all with neurotic cues. Dos ya fueron dados de alta (one in 48 hours and another day after) and a permanece in intensive care, with a reserved forecast.

Follow the ones who accessed it THE NATION, the release if registered this morning, in the intensive care room of the “Dr. Jaime Ferré” by Rafaela, whence permanecían internados afectados with the “gripe of their”. The contagion was produced through one of them that one of the patients was taken home one days before the end of the hospital.

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“Of the four patients that we kept interned, two were given in high school, one remained in the Intensive Care Unit and another patient failed this morning. This patient had bilateral pneumonia caused by the bacterial infection. It was a severe cuadro, with the desenlace we know”, continued the director of the Hospital Ferré, Emilio Scarinci.

The known and the other of the inpatients were taken from a first moment of intensive care in this hospital, with mechanical respiratory assistance and in “critical” condition, following the comments of the therapists who assist him.

Psythacosis eg una enfermedad infecciosa, sharp and generalized, caused por la Chlamydia psittacia type of bacterium found in the excrement of infected pajaros, which can transmit it to humans.

One them in the house

The family in which the contagion occurred recognized one of theirs who had remained still and dead, because among the first consultations he focused on treatment with a cuadro de psitacosis as the desencadenante of the situation, commonly known as “gripe of their”.

Antonio Sciabarrasi, jefe de la cátedra de Zoología, Diversidad y Ambiente de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), explained that it is common to see these cuadros. “Generally, it coincides with this time of year, but it is a firmness that has existed for decades,” explained the specialist. Furthermore, the bacteria that cause this infection have been noticed to affect both animals and humans.

“Psitacosis de los loros is specific to the animal, but any type of bird can transmit it. The bottom line is that there is a close relationship between them and their dueño, which makes them more likely to pass it on,” Sciabarrassi describes.

Note that also the palomas can transmit sicknesses such as psitacosis, salmonelosis or cryptococosis, because there is a permanent test in the appropriate environments, as for example the traditional Palomar, located in the micro-centre of the capital santafecina, 100 meters from the entrance to the port.

“Not sure that the dove can transmit psitacosis, but it can also transmit other diseases such as salmonelosis,” added the specialist. Additionally, salmonellosis has been reported to be an infection that causes dehydration from diarrhea.

They can also encounter hongos in the fecal matter of palomas that can affect humans. Therefore, he subrayed: “In situations of health vulnerability, in a person with a basic problem, the problem becomes serious. Cuando las defensas están bien, pasan desapercibidos”.

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