Gracie Hunt takes the Super Bowl by storm

The MVP — Most Valuable Personality — of the Kansas City Chiefs at this week’s Super Bowl is the young woman with the sexy pout and tousled blonde hair on the new cover of Maxim’s men’s magazine.

He is studying sports management at the University of Kansas and has hinted to Maxim that he might want to be football commissioner someday. If media and public attention score any points, Commissioner Roger Goodell had better watch his back.

Gracie Hunt has become a force.

It came to Phoenix like a tsunami. Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt’s daughter is grabbing national headlines as soccer ‘heiress’ like she never has before, thanks to interviews with Fox News — Fox will air the game Sunday — but mostly due to a spread of sexy photos and of a lengthy profile on Maxim that debuted Thursday.

Kansas City Chiefs chairman and chief executive officer Clark Hunt seen his daughter, Gracie Hunt, left, and wife, Tavia Hunt, center, greet Liberty's Amy Patel.  Patel is nominated for the 2022 NFL Fan of the Year. The Hunts walked the red carpet at the NFL Honors ceremony in Arizona on Thursday.

Kansas City Chiefs chairman and chief executive officer Clark Hunt seen his daughter, Gracie Hunt, left, and wife, Tavia Hunt, center, greet Liberty’s Amy Patel. Patel is nominated for the 2022 NFL Fan of the Year. The Hunts walked the red carpet at the NFL Honors ceremony in Arizona on Thursday.

Her name is checked into the headlines of the New York Post, the Toronto Sun, sports blogs and even the British national tabloid The Mirror which reproduced a snippet from her interview with Maxim: “Kansas City Chiefs heiress reveals three attributes that you must be her boyfriend. “

Hunt herself, reportedly 24, is giving a pictorial game of the week on her Instagram account, where 242,000 people follow her posts about health and wellness, fitness, the Chiefs, family vacations and fashion. On Twitter she has 31,000 followers and stop by @gracelynhunT.

All of this attention follows a minor earthquake she caused in late January when she posted a photo of herself in a snowy field wearing a red bikini with the Chiefs logo on her left breast. The photo earned more than 31,000 likes on Instagram.

Subsequently, The Sporting News ran a story under the headline: “Who is the daughter of the owner of the Chiefs? She meets Gracie Hunt, social media star and Miss Kansas USA 2021.”

She was crowned Miss Kansas in April 2021 and finished in the top 16 at the Miss USA pageant that same year.

So far her posts from Phoenix have mostly been about fashion. Hunt has been an ambassador for NFL apparel for years. No doubt many Chiefs fans saw her Instagram-perfect entrances on the sidelines before home games, wearing one dressy suit after another, often in stiletto heels.

“Since I was a little girl I used to frolic, I was dressed in red and gold and grew up aloof,” she told Maxim.

Unsurprisingly, he’s representing in the red at the Super Bowl. At Thursday’s NFL Honors ceremony she posed on the red carpet, hand on her hip model-like, in a red wrap dress that got a like from Jackson Mahomes, the brother of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The New York Post spun part of its recent interview with Fox News Digital into this headline: “Gracie Hunt, Daughter of Chiefs Owner Comes to Defense of Controversial Jackson Mahomes.”

This is a reference to how last season, Jackson warmed up to his behavior on the sidelines and during games. He was mostly MIA this season, but Fox News wanted Gracie to comment on the past.

“I think Patrick Mahomes has a wonderful family, from Brittany to Jackson,” Hunt said, quoting Mahomes’ wife. “They are wonderful people and we are so lucky to have them as part of our organization and they are huge stones in Patrick’s life.

“I think we live in a culture that is often quick to criticize and slow to forgive. But I think we need to be quick to forgive and slow to criticize.”

Maxim’s story fills in many of the blanks on Hunt’s life in a lengthy profile that early on calls her “the girl who has everything.” She is the granddaughter of Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt and great-granddaughter of oil tycoon HL Hunt,

Hunt, a journalism, applied psychology and sports management graduate from Southern Methodist University, works with the Chiefs on brand development and marketing, according to Maxim.

She volunteers for several causes — one assists victims of human trafficking — she serves on the board of Special Olympics Kansas and runs her own nonprofit, Breaking Barriers Through Sports.

No surprise, sports are big in the Hunt family. He recounted how he played soccer when he was young, which helped build his relationship with his father. He had planned to play in college, but four sports-related concussions marred that dream.

When football floundered, he turned to a different kind of training, following his mother’s path into the world of competition. Both were Miss Kansas USA. The Instagram posts show marathons of her running now.

Of course, the teen magazine asked her about her love life.

“I’m definitely looking for that number one draft pick,” he said, detailing what that hunt entails.

“My top three things: Does she align with me on the basis of faith? Is he athletic? What’s his work ethic like? And if you’re funny with a big personality that’s hard to beat,” he said.

Hunt said he will be in the NFL Draft in Kansas City in April and presented a first-hand account of how the Chiefs make their picks inside a “war room.”

“You hear about the war room and there really is a war room,” he said. “Our team scouts and coaches work hard to handle all the different scenarios so that they take as much pressure off the moment you’re on the clock as possible. It’s almost like a game of chess. Identifying talent that other teams might rank differently is essential to a successful draft.

After sharing that level of inside information, Maxim put Goodell on high alert: Gracie Hunt is coming for you.

“There has to be a first female commissioner in the NFL at some point,” she said.

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