Fans ran into conflict when Ezra Miller broke up the DC Universe in ‘The Flash’ trailer.

It seems Barry Allen is hurtling through a multiverse… of trouble. The first trailer for the upcoming superhero film from Warner Bros The flash – starring Ezra Miller as DC Comics’ resident Scarlet Speedster – dropped during Super Bowl LVII. And as the film gets its name The flashthe rising star of the first two-and-a-half-minute spot is The Bat: specifically Michael Keaton’s Batman, who returns to the big screen for the first time since 1992 Batman returns. (Watch the trailer above.)

Heavily inspired by the famous Fast comic storyline “Flashpoint”, the film’s plot has Barry still mourning the death of his mother, who was killed years ago. Having figured out how to access the Speed ​​Force and literally run through the time stream, he is now also able to change the past. But as another Batman – Ben Affleck, aka Batfleck, making one of his last appearances in the DC Extended Universe – warns him, it might not be the best idea. “You have no idea what the consequences might be,” Bruce Wayne warns of Affleck. “You could destroy everything.”

Sure enough, Barry’s pattern breaks the DCEU as we’ve known it since 2013 Man of Steel. While there’s no sign of Henry Cavill’s Superman – who reportedly filmed a cameo that may or may not be used in the film – we do get another appearance from Michael Shannon’s General Zod, who now succeeds in his quest to rule a world without metahumans.

Michael Keaton dons the Batman suit again in the first trailer for The Flash.  (Photo: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment/YouTube)

Michael Keaton dons the Batman suit again in the first trailer for The flash. (Photo: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment/YouTube)

But luckily there is still a Batman, and he’s ready to suit up to return Barry to his correct timeline. Further super assistance is provided by a second Barry and Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl (Sasha Calle), Superman’s cousin who also survived the destruction of Krypton. While they’ll likely succeed in their mission — this is a superhero movie, after all — the DC timeline won’t be restored exactly as it once was.

DC Studios’ incoming co-head James Gunn has already revealed it The flash “reset everything” on DC’s cinematic multiverse, thus providing the starting line for the “Gods and Monsters” storyline that will kick off in earnest with the release of Superman: Legacy in 2025. Gunn also described Andy Muschietti’s Fast film as “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made” and reiterated his praise on Twitter following the trailer’s release.

But The flash he has yet to keep up with Miller’s real-world legal troubles and the shadow those have cast on the project. The actor, who is non-binary and uses their own pronouns, is reportedly in the midst of treatment for their “complex mental health issues,” and Gunn and DC Studios co-head Peter Safran both expressed support on their way to well-being.

“Ezra is completely committed to their recovery,” Safran recently told a group of reporters during a press day announcing DC’s upcoming slate, also declining to say whether Miller would continue in the role beyond this film. “When the time is right, when they feel ready for discussion, we will all find out what the best path forward is. But right now, they are completely focused on their recovery. And in our conversations with them over the past couple of months, it seems like they’re making tremendous progress.”

Reaction to The flash trailer on Twitter is evenly split between those who profess enthusiasm for the film and those who still doubt celebrating its star. That’s a split that could catch up with the film as it accelerates to its June 16 release date.

While The flash trailer was the main event of the super bowl, other big game commercial hits also launched. Here’s a recap of some of the other Super Bowl commercials, including a new one Indiana Jones teasers and more Transformers.

Creed III (3rd March)

Rocky Balboa’s former student becomes his fighter in the third I believe meeting, this time with star Michael B. Jordan behind the camera. His opponent, a super passionate Jonathan Majors, seems really capable of beating Clubber Lang.

Air (April 5)

Best friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon rewind the clock to 1984 in the Affleck-directed docudrama about the creation of Nike’s iconic Air Jordon sneaker line. We expect a Dunkin tie-in when the movie comes out.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 (May 5)

It could be exalted The flashbut James Gunn is probably pretty excited about his trilogy Guardians of the Galaxy the movie too. The last one vol. 3 the trailer features more music, more action, more lines from Drax, and of course, more of our favorite odd couple, Groot and Rocket.

Fast X (May 19)

A revenge-seeking Aquaman takes on Groot and the rest of the Fast & Furious family in the penultimate Fast Saga chapter. Next time, she lets Rita “Abuela Toretto” Moreno drive.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (June 9)

THE Transformers the franchise enters “beast mode” with an all-new adventure featuring animal versions of the supersized transforming robots. Pete Davidson’s bot Mirage certainly has plenty of face time in 32nd place.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30th)

Harrison Ford takes one last ride as his whip-cracking alter ego. The Super Bowl commercial offers a longer glimpse into Mads Mikkelsen’s past (and possibly present?) Nazi scientist villain and Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Indiana Jones’ adventure-seeking goddaughter.

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