Electrify America increases charging prices nationwide

Electrify America announced today that it will raise prices in March of this year. To date, the price per kWh at EA stations across the country (that per kWh rate) is $0.43. In March, it will rise to $0.48 per kWh.

For those doing the math at home, that’s an 11.6% increase in charging costs. To put that into a real-world scenario, charging our long-term 2022 Kia EV6 from 5% to 100% battery on an EA station currently costs about $32. As the price increases, the same charge will approach at $36. Will it go bankrupt? No, but the more expensive top-up will increase over time.

If you’re an EA Pass+ member paying the $4 monthly fee for cheaper top-up rates, the price hike is even more severe, from $0.31 to $0.36 per kWh. It’s the same 5-cent increase that non-members are subject to, but that calculates a 16% increase in overall costs.

Now, not all states charge for charging your electric car in kWh, instead opting to bill you based on the number of minutes you’re plugged in. Electrify America is, of course, raising rates here as well. If your vehicle charges at rates between 1 and 90 kW, the price ranges from $0.16 to $0.19 per minute. If your vehicle charges in the 90-350 kW range, the price is $0.32 to $0.37 per minute. These are increases of 19% and 16%, respectively.

If you’re an EA Pass+ member, the price per minute increases from $0.12 to $0.15 per minute for 1 to 90kW charging and from $0.24 to $0.29 per minute for faster charging . These increases amount to 25% and 20.8% respectively.

For people who travel frequently in their electric vehicles or rely on public charging, this series of price hikes will hit the hardest. However, if you charge at home most of the time, your costs will fluctuate mainly based on the cost of electricity where you live.

Said cost of electricity is one of the reasons why EA is also raising its prices. In a note to customers, EA said the following: “We have tried to maintain our current prices, but rising energy and operating costs have made it necessary to adjust our prices. We will continue to maintain simple and uniform pricing across the country, and this adjustment ensures that we can deliver on our commitment to promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and the future of electric mobility.”

Customers should expect the new pricing to roll out on March 6. We can only hope that the price increases allow EA to increase the reliability of its chargers as well.

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