Anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller accuses Dominic Raab of ‘violent and intimidating’ behavior

Dominic Raab and Gina Miller

Dominic Raab and Gina Miller

Gina Miller, the anti-Brexit campaigner, accused Dominic Raab of being “violent and intimidating” towards her following a debate.

Ms Miller, a millionaire, said Mr Raab told her he “couldn’t make up his mind” whether she had “too much money” or was “just stupid” after the pair appeared on Radio 4’s Today show in 2016.

He also alleged that Mr Raab “shouted” at a young racer to “go get me a ‘f—— car'”, accusing him of being “aggressive and intimidating”.

Speaking to the Independent, a source close to Mr Raab said: “These are baseless and damaging claims designed to jump on a political bandwagon and give Gina Miller the publicity she craves.”

Rishi Sunak is facing calls to suspend Mr. Raab from his cabinet jobs as bullying allegations are investigated.

Eight formal complaints have been lodged against Raab, who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary last October. The bullying allegations relate to his previous stints as justice secretary and foreign secretary under Boris Johnson, and his time as Brexit secretary under Theresa May.

Rishi Sunak is facing calls to suspend Dominic Raab from his Cabinet jobs - House of Commons/PA Wire

Rishi Sunak is facing calls to suspend Dominic Raab from his Cabinet jobs – House of Commons/PA Wire

Ms Miller, 57, said the alleged incident occurred after the couple had been on the Today program in a “hectic” mood over Brexit. Writing in the Independent, she said she was called to appear on the program to discuss judicial review of Brexit, for which she was the lead complainant.

The couple had a heated debate on air, during which Raab accused Ms Miller of being a “rich woman who goes against the will of the people”.

She wrote: “As we walked out of the studio, the young runner showed us to the lift and said he’d meet us downstairs. As the doors closed, Raab stared at me and said, “I can’t make up my mind whether you’re naive, have too much money, or are just plain stupid.

“Just because you have deep pockets and friends in high legal positions do you think you can just go to court to stop the will of the people.”

Ms Miller said she was “stunned” by the comments and did not respond. She added: ‘The doors opened and the young man told me my car was just outside. Raab barked at the young man, “Where is my car?”

“The young man replied that they had not been asked to arrange a car and that perhaps Raab’s office had arranged one. Raab was furious and shouted at the young man, “Go get me a f—— car.”

She said the young man was “trembling” after the encounter and described Raab as “aggressive and intimidating”.

“This was an aggressive male exhibiting apparently misogynistic behavior. This kind of behavior is not acceptable to anyone, especially a powerful and influential politician,” she added.

Ms Miller, now leader of the True and Fair Party, challenged the government in 2016 on her authority to trigger Article 50 and formally initiate Brexit without a vote in Parliament.

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