Andrew Shovlin points out what Lewis Hamilton does “better than most” of its rivals: PlanetF1

Andrew Shovlin believes Lewis Hamilton’s response to defeat is what he does ‘better than most’, the Briton dissects all the details on why he wasn’t first.

Hamilton is a Formula 1 record holder, the Mercedes driver winning 103 grands prix on his way to seven world titles.

Talk to anyone who’s worked with him and they’ll explain why he’s been so prolific over the years, but now Shovlin has come up with a new reason.

According to Mercedes’ director of trackside engineering, it’s because Hamilton is “better at losing than most”.

Explaining his thoughts, the Daily Mail reports he told the BBC: ‘You can’t ask Lewis to be happy when he has lost a race; that’s not how it works but he loses really good if you want someone to come back and win the next one.

“He’s actually better at losing than most I’ve seen because of how diligently he tackles the block of work figuring out what he needs to be better at, where he’s missed opportunities.

“He doesn’t like it, but it’s about the result at the next race, not if he’s smiling or giving a good interview.”

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But that’s just one aspect behind Hamilton’s 15-year P1 streak, the Mercedes driver who has recorded a win in every season he’s been on the grid except 2022 in his W13.

“Lewis has natural talent aplenty,” Shovlin continued, “but his work ethic and ability to continually develop and improve means that, for pilots looking to beat him, he’s a bit of a moving target.

“The thing with Lewis now is that his bad days are so few and far between and even on his bad days he’s as good as anyone.

“That’s what brought it to the level it is. It’s consistency. And when it’s at its best, the level is simply phenomenal.”

Too bad Mercedes’ 2022 car didn’t give fans the reaction they deserved

With the 2021 season decided in controversial circumstances, with Lewis Hamilton losing to Max Verstappen on the final lap of the season, Formula 1 was poised for a noteworthy comeback. Some would have called it revenge.

But alas, Mercedes’ W13 meant that wasn’t possible, Hamilton ricocheting to extremes resulting in bumps and bruises.

When it looked like Mercedes had sorted out their bounce issues, they were behind the eight ball when it came to developing the car, so once again we didn’t get to see the battle we’ve all been dreaming of.

This year, a year late but rather late than ever, experts predict it could happen.

An improved Mercedes against a budget-limited Red Bull hampered by the penalty and could be Hamilton against Verstappen for the second round of the world title.

It promises to be a blockbuster as neither the former nor reigning world champion will budge an inch, there may be respect but there is no love lost.

Of course if that happens…

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