Alfredo Cornejo cruzó al Gobierno to otorgarle más de 21.000 hectáreas a comunidades Mapuches de Mendoza

Alfredo Cornejo, Senator of the Joints of the Exchange of Mendoza

Alfredo Cornejo, Senator of Juntos for the Exchange of Mendoza – Credits: @Captura

Former Governor of Mendoza and Senator of the Joints of Exchange (JxC), Alfredo Corneo, cruzó este fin de semana al Gobierno starting from otorgamiento de más de 21.000 hectáreas a comunidades Mapuches in the province. Through a post on social networks, he asked for media and contextualization as following the polemic arbitral award dictated by President Alberto Fernández at the end of December, who ratified the need to carry out a regional and integral environmental impact study on the whole world cuenca del río Colorado as a condition for approving the construction of the obra Portezuelo del Viento.

“Primero la negative a realizar Portezuelo del Viento y ahora esto. ¿Hasta cuándo van a seguer haciendo daño el Gobierno Nacional de Alberto Fernández y el kirchnerismo, en el sur de Mendoza?recriminated the leader of the Unión Cívica Radical (UCR) via Twitter.

Cornejo accompanied the publication with a note from the sito local Diary One, whose information on el recognition of the Government a la ancestral occupation of land for part of dos Comunidades Mapuches del Sur de Mendoza: the Lof El Sosneado (San Rafael) and the Lof Suyai Levfu (Malargue).

De acuerdo con la citado medio, through the Instituto Nacional de Asuntos Indígenas (INAI) a informs histórico-anthropological to study the bond that families have with the areas in their custody. Through the mix, and learned in articles of the National Constitution and of the Civil and Commercial Code, confirmed the right to lay and community ownership of over 21,000 hectareswhich with this decision is consolidated as no enajenables, no transmisibles, no susceptible to gravámenes or embargos.

The soil analysis concluded with the cable in the mark of Programa Nacional Relevamiento Territorial de Comunidades Indígenaswhich depends on Ministerio de Desarrollo Social and ultimately “demarcate and raise the territory that the indigenous communities occupy in traditional, actual and public form”.

Tension between the laudo that held back the construction of the Portezuelo del Viento

The operation of the earths in the Mapuche communities by part of the Government became public transcendence shortly after the uncomfortable visit of Alberto Fernández to Mendozawhence he was not recibid by the local representative, Rodolfo Suarezquien alegó hear “Bronca and indignation” for el referee praise dictated by the jefe de Estado who held back the construction of the Portezuelo del Viento.

“I produce mucha indignación, mucha bronca”justificó el gobernador radical, quien dijo que no podía ser “hypocritical” and assisted in the act because Fernández had been transferred to the province after the pause that gave the Casa Rosada to the mencionada obra. Además, he ensured that it was just before the event Nadie called the Presidency to invite him.

Late last day, the Minister of Public Works and one of the most sought-after officials in Fernández, Gabriel Katopodis, canceled the warning notice and considered that the “desplante” of Suárez “no se puede enmarcar en otra cosa que non se un capricho”.

Respect of Portezuelo del Viento, signaled: “Hay que entender que el agua es un derecho escaso y finito, and that the right to water must be guaranteed in a responsible and sustainable way. The President said what he said was a praise no in favor of La Pampa, until he produced a regional environmental impact study of compliance with what Macri dictated in January 2018. I want to decide that We need the best information for a river that is shared -not from Mendoza- to have a very responsible management that allows the right to water to be guaranteed”.

Furthermore, the minister assured that the plant would be built. “La obra es una necesidad de esa cuenca y se va a hacer. What is going to be done is to complete the environmental impact study so that when we accept it and we guarantee it in Mendoza the right to water, we avoid the greatest cantidad of perjuries. Lo vamos a discutir ya consensuar. We are not going to take a decision against the province of Mendoza”conclude.

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